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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

the plan.

this time it's asia!

Aaron, Muzz and I will kick everything off next wednesday (16th) with a flight across to the Russian capital, straight under the iron curtain and into a land of vodka, unpronouncable alphabets and some great looking hats (in fact, the reason we're visiting Russia is to buy a hat for our end-of-trip expedition).

we'll be taking an overnight train across to St Petersburg on a train not disimilar to the one's from those old movies. you know, the one's that people get silently murdered in and such. it should be a blast.

we'll return to Moscow a day later to see out the sights, before hopping back on a plane to Tokyo.

we then have a day milling around Tokyo before heading south to the island of Kyushu on the bullet trains. we'll work our way back up to Tokyo over a week, moving up through the island of Shikoku on the way.

then, after a few days we've decided to climb Mt. Fuji. It's 4000m high, none of us have had any experience or training and it's BARELY in climbing season, but i'm sure it'll be sound. i've walked to my house from leeds once and that was well over nine miles, so i'm sure that i'm MORE than equipped for it.

it is a 2-day, 30km round trek/climb, but we'll worry about that later. here's a little snapshot of the little devil:

yes, those are the clouds halfway up it.

i'm currently buying a victory cigar in preparation. party on.

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