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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

far east.

so we made it across to japan, after one final night in moscow that turned out to be the best yet. along with some other people from the hostel we went off to a huge club in moscow, 5 floors to be exact. it was the friendliest place in russia yet. getting drinks bought all night was as easy as saying 'andre arshavin'.

the next day we did nothing but relax, before saying bye to our hostel and russia. 9 sleepless hours later we were in tokyo.

we turned up at our favoured hostel, only to realise we hadnt booked a thing. bad times. we had no other option but to get the cheapest room available to catch upon some sleep, costing us triple the price. we found it hard to care in our sleep deprived state and passed out as soon as we had dropped our bags. this ruined my bodyclock totally, and i havent slept right since.

that night we went out for a beer before going to see our friends at the best bar in tokyo - lomanesque. it had been two years since i saw them, but after five minutes it felt like we had never left. we spent the night sampling whiskeys and listening to rod stewart. who could ask for anything more?

from leaving lomanesque at 3am to now has been one big struggle. both muzz and i have managed to pick up an awful virus. i havent eaten for around 22 hours and couldnt even try. its a rough state of affairs.

in that time we've worked our way down to Beppu, in kyushu, a good 10 hour train trip. its been a long, long day. i totally forgot that its monsoon season in japan at the minute too. its humid to hell with heavy rain constantly. thats going to be interesting when we go into the jungle in a few days!

i massively need sleep anyway. hopefully i'll kick the virus and have something interesting to report back.

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